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Ask about our car warranties in the Forest of Dean, Gloucester

At Deals in Wheels Ltd in the Forest of Dean, Gloucester, we offer warranties from A1 Approved, a trusted provider of car warranties with over 100 years of experience in the motor industry. A comprehensive warranty will give you peace of mind when purchasing a new car, as it will protect you against the costs of parts and labour should you experience mechanical issues.

A1 Approved supply a comprehensive range of mechanical breakdown warranties. Choose anything from a basic powertrain cover to an all component cover, from low claim limits to high claim limits, or a 1-month duration to an extended 36-month duration. Warranties are available to cover vehicles of any age or mileage, so don’t hesitate to ask, whichever vehicle you buy from us.

We also offer our own 50/50 warranties at excellent rates, so please call for details on (01452) 640216.

CALL US NOW! (01452) 640216